Ministry of Transport(MOT): gradually resume cruise production and operation in inland rivers and co
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On December 22, the Information Office of the State Council issued the white paper on Sustainable Development of China’s Transportation and held a press conference at 3pm on the same day.


Being asked on how China’s cruise industry would develop after the epidemic, Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of MOT, said that because of the epidemic, the cruise “Diamond Princess” drifted at sea, and the cruise industry was one of the hardest hit industries this year. Waterway passenger transport was also a hard-hit industry. On the whole, passenger transport was affected worse than freight transport.


It is noteworthy that Liu Xiaoming mentioned “ we are continuing to pay attention to the changes of the global epidemic situation, and gradually resume production and operation in inland river areas and coastal areas under the condition of ensuring epidemic prevention and control. You may notice that the Yangtze River shipping has been gradually restored. Recently in Sanya, cruise ships with 500 or 1000 people in offshore areas, which have not left the country, are gradually recovering. Of course, in the process of recovery, we will carry out related services and epidemic prevention work in stages and according to different strategies.”


Liu Xiaoming said “For the next step, we will gradually promote the healthy development of waterway transportation in accordance with the requirements of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, under the condition of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, on the premise of ensuring the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control.”



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