New Emergency Response Plan for National Significant Oil Spill at Sea
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Recently, the Inter-Ministerial Joint Session of National Major Oil Spill at Sea (the “Joint Session”) has published the Emergency Response Plan for National Significant Oil Spill at Sea (the “EPR”). The EPR shall be effective as of the date of issuance, i.e. 8 March 2018.


The EPR consisted of parts, including definition, command system, Monitor and Forecast System and Information Report, Emergency Response to Significant Oil Spill, and Guarantee of the emergency disposal of oil spill. We briefly introduce the main content as follows:


1.                  Two criteria of national significant oil spill at sea:

i)                    the estimated volume of oil spill has exceeded 500 tons and the possible contaminated sea area is located at sensitive area or the accident may have significant international influences or have caused significant social impact; or

ii)    the estimated volume of oil spill has exceeded 1,000 tons.


2.                  Scope of Application. This EPR shall be applied to the emergency response work in relation to significant oil spills that cause or may cause damage to waters under the jurisdiction of China.


3.                  Pursuant to the EPR, the command system for national significant oil spill at sea is consisted of the following six organizations: the Joint Session, Related Department and units, the Emergency Centre, Joint Headquarters, Command on Spot and Expert Panel.


The newly published EPR set a highest central command of Joint Session and the Emergency Centre, and make it clear the duty and responsibility of each member of the Joint Session and local government.

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