General Administration of Customs: Overall Timeliness for Customs Clearance Increased Greatly
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In December 2020, the overall customs clearance time for imports and exports was 34.91 hours and 1.78 hours respectively, which decreased by 1.82 hours and 0.95 hours respectively compared with the same period in 2017, and decreased by 64.2% and 85.5% respectively.

Based on the precondition of respecting the independent choice of enterprises in customs clearance, the customs have actively promoted business reforms such as “early declaration” and “two-step declaration”, steadily promoted the pilot projects of “direct pick-up alongside ship” imported goods and “direct loading upon arrival of exported goods”, and significantly improved the timeliness of customs clearance.

Last year, China exempted port construction fees for import and export goods stage by stage, reduced the levy of ship oil pollution damage compensation fund by a half, and reduced the charging rate for cargo port dues and port facilities security fees by 20% respectively. The annual exemption of port construction fees amounted to 15 billion yuan, and the reduction of cargo port dues and port facilities security fees amounted to 960 million yuan.

China has continued to streamline import and export regulatory documents, consolidating two regulatory documents and canceling one regulatory document since this year. At present, the number of regulatory documents that need to be checked in import and export sections have been streamlined from 86 in 2018 to 41. Except for three kinds of applications can not be connected to net due to security and confidentiality, the remaining 38 kinds of documents can be applied and processed online, of which 19 kinds of certificates have been accepted through the “single window” of international trade.

Up till now, the “single window” of international trade has realized the information interaction and sharing with the general system of 25 departments, serving all ports and regions of China, with a total of more than 3.96 million registered users, 18 basic service functions online, 729 service items offered and 12 million declarations made daily, basically meeting enterprises’ needs of “one-stop” for business handling, and the universal benefit from this regard is increasing constantly.

It is learnt that, on the basis of the previous reduction of some administrative examination and approval items, customs will cancel the registration of customs declaration enterprises, the filing approval of export food production enterprises, the inspection license of import and export commodity inspection and appraisal business, and the qualification license of personnel engaged in entry and exit quarantine handling business. Currently, the pilot project of “separating permits from the business license” reform for all enterprise-related business licenses has been launched, the threshold has been further lowered, and the examination and approval services have been continuously optimized. Local customs also provided enterprises with online inquiry and self-service printing and other services regarding the Inspection and Quarantine Certificate for Imported Goods, certificates of origin.


Source: General Administration of Customs

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